Sale Deed

Sale Deed

Sale Deed Meaning

A sale deed is a legal document that showcases the transfer of title, rights, and ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer.

It is the most important document that legally reports the proof for the buyer and seller. It is an essential document for both the buyer or the transferee and the seller or the transferor. The purchase or sale of the property is not legally complete until a sale deed is signed between the buyer and the seller. Normally, a sale deed is signed only after both the parties are satisfied and comply with the terms and conditions.

Advantages of a Sale Deed

Protects Parties

The deed protect the rights of both the buyer and the seller. A specific, well-drafted deed will avoid ambiguity and minimise legal risks.

Defines The Area

For the buyer, a key advantage is having on paper a well-defined description of the property that is being purchased, including the square footage and the location.

Documents Required for Sale Deed Registration

- Draft of Sale Deed
- Power of Attorney, if any
- Building Plan sanctioned by the Statutory Authority
- Allotment Letter from the Builder/Co-Operative Society/Housing Board
- All title documents of the property owner
- A Copy of all registered previous agreements (in case of resale property)
- Latest tax paid receipts
- Latest electricity bill & receipt for the said property (in case of resale property)
- NOC from Apartment Association (in case of resale property)