Shop & Establishment Registration

Shop & Establishment Registration

What is shop & establishment registration?

Shop and establishment registration means your business is registered under the constituted Law of State labour department through the Senior Labour Inspector in the jurisdiction of your regional circle and your organization will be officially registered in Government record and secured a place for major alteration. But the Department has the authority to monitor the workers working hour's time, weekly holidays, leave structure for employee and etc. as it is mentioned according to the rule. This is why; you are moving forward one step, towards achieving your business goal.

Who has to register?

Every Shop or Establishment carrying trade, business or services within the notified areas of State of Karnataka, compulsorily, within 30 days from starting the business shall register his establishment under this Act.


Shops: 'shops' means any premises where any trade or business is carried on or where services are rendered to customers and includes offices, storerooms, godowns, warehouses, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in such connection with such trade or business, but does not include a commercial establishment or a shop attached to a factory.

Commercial Establishment: Commercial Establishment means a commercial or trading or banking or insurance establishment, an establishment or administrative service in which persons employed are mainly engaged in office work, a hotel, restaurant, boarding or eating house, a cafe or any other refreshment house, a theatre or any other place of public amusement or entertainment.

Owner: Owner means the person having charge of or owning or having ultimate control over the affairs of an establishment and includes members of the family of an employer, a manager, agent, other person acting in the general management and control of an establishment.

Employee: Employee means a person wholly or principally employed in or in connection with, any establishment whether working on permanent, periodical, contract or piece - rate wages or on commission basis, even though he receives no reward for his labour and includes an apprentice.

Exemptions from Registration:

Following organizations are exempted from registration.

1. Offices of, or under the central or state Government, or local authorities, except commercial undertaking.

2. Any railway service, water transport service, postal, telegraph or telephone service, any system of public conservation or sanitation or any industry, or services like water, power, light to the public.

3. Railway dining cars .

4. Establishments for the treatment or care of the handicap or mentally unfit.

5. Establishments of the food corporation of India.

6. Offices of legal practitioners and medical practitioners in which not more than 3 persons are employed.

7. Offices of bank.

Procedure for Karnataka Shops & Establishment Registration

As per the state rule, every state follows their specific registration process. So, here you can get a brief idea on online application of shops and commercial establishments in Bangalore Karnataka. And for this, you have to follow the steps to acquire the license/ certificate in Bangalore or anywhere in Karnataka.

1. Go to this site to E-Labour Depratment for online registration/ renewal of shops & establishments license. Here you just move your mouse to APPLY ONLINE menu and click on Shops and Commercial Establishments Act. It will drive you to Government of Karnataka, Department of Labour where you would register your business.

2. Then click on New Registrations and fill the form online, submit it.

3. User id and password will be generated

4. Fill and submit the application form online to Chief Inspector of your concerned regional circle office

5. Take challan from any nationalized bank based on your number of employees

6. Make attachment of necessary documents along with the Bank challan

7. Submit the physical copy of online application form in the particular regional circle

8. After verification by the Senior Labour Inspector, if everything is well; you shall be granted the registration certificate

Documents required for Shops & Establishment Registration

for Proprietorship

1. PAN of the proprietor
2. Aadhaar card of the proprietor
3. Passport size photo of proprietor
4. Address proof like Rental Agreement/Sale Deed/Lease Deed
5. Electricity bill for office address proof